Kowboii Kreed: To be bold and Independent


At Kowboii, we welkome you to follow us on our journey to fulfill our dreams of kreating a kommunity of like minded souls. Those who are motivated by a spirit of independent thought and self initiative and who are bold in the pursuit of their visions and dreams will find kowboii to be a forum to express their individuality and/or a home where one kan relax and enjoy the merging of original ideas, koncepts and talent.

We aspire to kreate a movement which will influence others to step out of their komfort zone and participate in the kreative process or to truthfully, but fairly, provide feedback that will either help us redirekt our energies or fuel us to work even harder at providing an environment that fosters a feeling of being a part of something that is unique and worthy of your time and energies

Make no mistake. We will not make promises that we kannot keep. There will likely be bumps and missteps along the way; however, we intend to use our abilities to influence our posse (you) to ride a wave with us that Kowboii intends to krest. We will bekome a multi media kompany that the establishment will have to aknowledge and that you will help shape.